The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act known as IDEA is a federal law the ensures that all children get free public education.  Beginning at the age of 3, education providers are mandated to find children that need special education and provide that education.

Special Education
Procedural Safeguards

Your child's right to Special Education is protected by procedures that guarantee your right to participate and received information regarding your child's education.
Right to Assessment - A parent can request assessments, receive testings results, and if disagree with results request an independent assesor.
Right to Attend and Participate in IEP team meetings - A parent has right to attend the IEP meeting and participate in the meeting to meet the child's education needs.
Right to Due Process - if a parent disagrees with assessment or education being provided or if services that were promised were not provided, a parent can request intervention by the State Office of Education.

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