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We have experience in reviewing, negotiation, and drafting acquisition or sale of real estate.  Other areas of concern for landowners include landlord/tenant, eviction, disclosures, short sales, trust deeds, commercial, residential, and multi-family, CC&R's, development, leasing, boundary law, easements, and title review. Also assist in transactions requiring or protecting mechanic's liens and filing pre-filing notification with the State Construction Registry.

Property Boundaries

Boundary Disputes occur and may have been resolved by prior landowners.  Several types of boundary disputes result in boundary by acquiescence, boundary by agreement, and boundary by estoppel. 

Utah has a unique Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman that will assist in protecting the rights of the property owners and resolve landowners disputes.

Ofice of the Property Rights Ombudsma


Residential eviction without a court order violates the law.
Non-payment of Rent
The landlord must provide a 3-day notice to pay or vacate. Within 3 days the tenant must respond or leave.  If the tenant does not leave after receiving proper notice, the tenant may be liable up to 3 times the rental rate plus attorney fees and costs.
If the tenant still has not moved or paid rent, the landlord may file a petition with the court to remove the tenant. 

More information from the court:

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